For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16, NIV

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Youth and Family  Top
Crossing Currents

  An Online, Interactive Approach to Christian Apologetics for Teens   and Young Adults
OURKIDS- Uganda is a pro-life giving ministry whose mission and mandate is to uphold the sanctity of human life
and endeavoring to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs to the HIV/AIDS orphans and widows facing welfare problems.  

Teen Life Ministries
  Teen Life Ministries began in 1995, but the story starts long
  before that.  In 1980, Paul Evans entered a new church with his 
  mom. He was twelve and the church had something called a
  �youth ministry.� Al Millergren was the �youth director� and helped
  shape the ADD kid into a big time believer.  (more...)
Youth Ministry
  Our goal is to connect you with people, organizations,
  ideas, and resources from every corner of the youth
  ministry universe.

 Focus on Your Child
  Focus on Your Child is a membership program designed to help
  parents bond together, share practical advice, and encourage one
  another to make the most of the parenting years.
Zonder Kids
  Zonderkidz, the children's group of Zondervan, focuses on
  publishing and promoting developmentally-appropriate, biblically
  based books, Bibles, gifts, and videos. We partner with the
  leading child and parenting experts to create many of the world's
  best-selling Christian products to meet the needs of children ages
  12 and under.  
Kids Bible Info
  The main components of this new website are Bible Topics,
  Stories, Games, and a Bible Lesson Series. In the future we plan
  to allow children to submit Bible questions which will be answered
  on the website without violating privacy. This way parents can be
  actively involved, and keep track of the good things that their
  children are learning.  
Praize Kids
  This is the place to find exciting activities like; Christian coloring,
  playing games, taking quizzes, and a whole lot more. You will
  also find that the Kidz Forums are especially for Christian kids
  and kids only.
Teen Hope
  Teenhopeline is a state of the art web site that enables
  teenagers to talk to our staff about the issues they are facing.
Christian Family Links
  A family-oriented Christian Directory

 General Christian Resources  Top
 World Vision
  Give the gift of hope
  World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated
  to working with children, families and their communities worldwide
  to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty
  and injustice.
  CedarCreek Church exists to help unchurched and spiritually
  restless people become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
 Campus Crusade for Christ
  Today, the campus ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ
  is a network of vibrant, growing movements on 1,029
  campuses in the United States and beyond. Proven and
  diverse outreach strategies expose millions of students
  to the gospel each year. Over the past five years, more than
  37,900 students made a decision to become a Christian.

 Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources
  Spiritual Abuse (spir'-i-choo-el a-byoos').
  Wouldn't it be great if it was as simple as
  looking it up in a dictionary?
  But nothing about spiritual abuse is simple.
 GoodSearch cause banner
  The site is powered by Yahoo!,
  so you'll get the same quality search results that
  you're used to. What's unique is that they have developed
  a way to direct money to your charity or school with every click.

 Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis is a catalyst to bring reformation by
  reclaiming the foundations of our faith which are found
  in the Bible, from the very first verse.

 Christian Articles and Resources
  Various Resources for Born Again Christians
Choose the Life

  Something is happening, there is a new movement emerging
  in the land.

Bible History Online 
  Ancient Documents, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece,
  Ancient Israel, Ancient Near East, Ancient Other,
  Ancient Rome, Archaeology, Bible History, Bible Searches, 
  Children's Resources, Church History, Evolution & Science,  
  Illustrated History, Images & Art, Intertestamental,
  Jesus, Languages, Maps &  Geography,  Museums,
  Mythology & Beliefs, People in History, Prof. Societies, 
  Rabbinical Works, Resource Sites, Study Tools,
  Timelines & Charts, Weapons  & Warfare, World History
 Internet Evengelism in the 21st Century
  All 19 workshops on the DVD set are available by clicking the FREE
  WORKSHOP link - this will take you to GoogleVideo where you can
  preview a lower resolution version. However, the best way to
  ensure you can view a higher quality version of these training
  sessions is by purchasing a low cost set of DVDs.

 World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity
  The World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity is a single reference
  source with links to the contents of the Catholic Encyclopedia,
  Easton's Bible Dictionary, Smith's Bible Dictionary, Torrey's Topical
  Textbook, Elwell's Dictionary of Christian Theology, and the
  Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia. Looking for information on a word
  related to Christianity? This is a place to start.

  Over 300 individual online ministries working to use
  technology and the Internet to reach the world with the
  message of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Communications International (GCI) is a non-profit
  Christian ministry founded in 1950 as Gospel Films, Inc., with
  the conviction that films offer an effective means of reaching
  people. In 1984, we added video as one of several outreach
Internet For Christians
  Internet for Christians has been reviewing and
  recommending web sites, email lists and other online
  happenings for the wired Christian community since 1995.
Christian Concerts
  Search for Christian Concerts near you  
 Devotion Journal
  A collection of Christian Devotions to build the body
  of Christ.

Encouraging Music
  Encouraging Music was founded with the goal of helping churches
  reach the lost, strengthening believers and glorifying God through
  worship and praise. Music is a great tool to attract and captivate
  the seeker.
Christian World Daily
  Promoting Christians web sites across the net and
  around the world
  The site provides various ways to find what you're looking
  for. The keyword search engine allows you to type in a
  word or phrase, and search the entire database of
  Christian sites.
The Sermon Notebook
  The Sermon Notebook is the Internet ministry of Alan Carr.
  Brother Carr is the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Lenoir,
  North Carolina. This website was born out of a desire to share
  sermons and sermon outlines, along with other study tools with
  the men who faithfully preach and teach the Word of God.
Christianity Today Library
  An extensive archives of some of today's most trusted
  publications, offering high-quality, well-researched materials from
  a Christian perspective on topics ranging from headlines to
Living Hope Missions
  Missions supported by Living Hope Church, Toledo, Ohio
Main Street Chapel
  Main Street Chapel - Frodsham, Cheshire England
Caleb Project
  Resource for the global church, providing media tools and training
  experiences to equip the body of Christ for strategic ministry to
  unreached peoples.
Lark News
  Satirical Site in the tradition of the Onion. Yes, God gave
  us a sense of humor!  Why? To use it, of course.
 CrossWalk Directory


Israel Resources
  On behalf of The Jerusalem Gift Shop, we appreciate
  your prayers and involvement through participating in
  God's re-establishment of His chosen people into their
  own land particularly in this time of much need. While
  shopping for Christian Gifts in The Jerusalem Gift Shop,
  consider this You are an effective part in God's restoration
  of Israel.
  Breaking News from Jerusalem
    Receive a biblical perspective on current events as they
    unfold here in Israel.
  The Jerusalem Post
  Embassy of Israel (Washington, D.C.)
  Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Israel Defense Forces
  Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
  Jerusalem Municipality
  Jerusalem Report
  Israel Insider
  Daily Alert
  Access Middle East
  Arutz Sheva, Israel National News
  Jerusalem Post Radio
  Jerusalem Newswire
  Israel Broadcasting
  Kol-Israel Radio
  Israel News Agency
  ADL's Israel Advocacy Guide
  Internet Resources for Advocacy
  Organizing a Hasbara Campaign Against Anti-Semitism
  Hasbara on Campus (World Union Of Jewish Students)
  Stand With Us Campus
  Fuel For Truth
  Myths & Facts Online A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  Israel Hasbara Committee
  Honest Reporting
  MEMRI (Middle East Media and Research Institute)
  IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis)
  BESA Center for Strategic Studies (Bar-Ilan University)
  Harry S. Truman Institute for Peace (Hebrew University)
  International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
  Israel Policy Forum
  Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (Tel Aviv University)
  Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
  Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
  Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research (T.A.U.)
  Washington Institute for Near East Policy
  Israel Democracy Institute
  Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel
  Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute
  Association of the Deaf in Israel
  Yad Sarah
  Kids for Kids
  Friends of Israel Scouts
  Constitution for Israel
  Shop in Israel
  Israel Export / The Israeli Partnership
  Israel Shop
  Israel Fairs
  White Plains for Israel
  Israel Visit
  Israel Music
  Hills of Galilee
  Israel Craft
  Israel Books
  Israel Shop
  Jerusalem Mall
  JPost Store
  Judaica Heaven
  Israel Direct
  Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute
  Roman Arch
  Ophir Jewelry
  A Touch of Israel
  Art of Israel
  Israel T-Shirts
  Modest World
  Israel Sports Shop
  Ahuva Judaica
  Judaica Direct
  A. Zara Ltd.
  Israel Store
  Israel Sports and T-Shirts Shop
  Israel Military Products
  Ancient Maps of Jersualem

Websites containing valuable information on Intelligence, Homeland Security & Counter-Terrorism

  America's Truth Forum
  American Center for
  DemocracyCenter for the Study of Corruption
  American Future
  Americans Against Hate
  Advanced Training Services
  Committee on the Present Danger
  Cooper Republic
  The Counterterrorism Blog
  Crossfire War
  The Daily Demarche
  Delphi Research
  Direct Measures International
  For your Conservative Pleasure
  Global Justice Group
  The Intelligence Sumiit
  The Intelligence Summit Blog
  International Security Resources
  The International Association of
  Counterterrorisn & Security Professionals
  Internet Haanah
  InterSec Group
  J.C. Brisard Blog
  John Batchelor Show
  John Loftus
  The Law and Terrorism Page
  National Terror Alert
  Never Yet Melted
  Operation Shiloh
  Paul Sperry
  PBS Watch
  Pedestrian Infidel Blog
  Regime Change Iran
  The Religion Of Peace
  Richard Miniter
  Right Truth
  Terror Web
  Truth USA
  Susblood Laboratories
  Walid Phares
  WMD Terror
  Western Resistance
  World Threats

Theology Links  Top
 Timothy Ministries Theological Dictionary Search
  Enter Search Term (i.e. Jesus)
                                                                              Full Listing
 The Scriptorium
 The Scriptorium is the new media daily of the Torrey
Honors Institute at Biola University. Established by John Mark
Reynolds, Paul Spears, and Fred Sanders in 2005, the
Scriptorium seeks to combat what we perceive to be the
decline of a reasonable pursuit of the Christian faith and
the transition away from the use of the mind in the
Christian journey.
 John Piper
 The task of all Christian scholarship�not just biblical studies�is to
 study reality as a manifestation of God's glory, to speak and write
 about it with accuracy, and to savor the beauty of God in it. It is a
 massive abdication of scholarship that so many Christians do
 academic work with so little reference to God."
    --(John Piper, The Pleasures of God, p. 298)
Bible History Online
  Ancient Documents, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece,
  Ancient Israel, Ancient Near East, Ancient Other,
  Ancient Rome, Archaeology, Bible History, Bible Searches, 
  Children's Resources, Church History, Evolution & Science,  
  Illustrated History, Images & Art, Intertestamental,
  Jesus, Languages, Maps &  Geography,  Museums,
  Mythology & Beliefs, People in History, Prof. Societies, 
  Rabbinical Works, Resource Sites, Study Tools,
  Timelines & Charts, Weapons  & Warfare, World History

 The Doctrines of Grace
  Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ
  alone, as revealed in the Scripture alone to the glory of
  God alone. Theology Program 
  Free comprehensive and in-depth theological training for
  lay people

Christian Theology by Type
   Provided by LookSmart Religions. Articles and information found
  on the site are extracted from thousands of published journals
  and magazines, with an extensive archive, as well as other
  sources only available online.

  Google Theology Directory  
Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology
  The complete text of over 1000 carefully-selected Oxford books
  available online for the first time

Study Sites, Texts and Libraries
  A web site sponsored by The Irish Theological Association to help
  support people in Ireland and around the world as they learn and
  do theology

Your Source for Bible Answers
  Listing of sites that provide useful places on the Web for
  beginning research on religious and theological

  Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy is
  published quarterly, in January, April, July, October, by the Society
  of Online Christian Theology and Philosophy (SOCTP).
Fides Quaerens Internetum
  Hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the
  Internet. From Boston University School of Theology.
Theology Today
  Theology Today, a quarterly ecumenical journal of Christian
  theology, publishes articles on a wide range of classical and
  contemporary issues in Christian theology by many of the finest
  theologians working today. Theology Today is published by
  Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
  CARM is 501(c)3 non-profit, Internet based ministry with
  three main goals Equip Christians in the truth, Answer
  opposition to the Christian faith , Bring glory and honor
  to the name of Jesus.
  Tools for navigating theology, praxis, and leadership in the
  emerging church.
 Historical Jesus Theories
  The purpose of this web page is to explain and explore some of
  the theories offered up by contemporary scholars on the
  historical Jesus and the origins of the Christian religion.

add to your website or blog

 The American Society of Missiology
As the ecumenical professional association for mission studies in
  North America, the American Society of Missiology includes more
  than 600 academicians, mission agency executives and
  missionaries in a unique fellowship of scholarship and mission.
Journal of Applied Missiology
  The Journal of Applied Missiology (abbreviated JAM) is a semi-
  annual publication of the ACU Missions Department, with issues in
  April and October.

 Global Missiology
  Global Missiology is a quarterly publication with original research
  and contributions from researchers, practitioners and scholars of
  international representation with global perspectives.
 Association of Professors of Mission
  Organized in 1952, the APM exists to promote among its
  members Christian fellowship, spiritual life and professional
Global Connections
  We are a network of mission agencies, colleges, development
  organizations, churches and others, all committed to world
  mission, and to working together where possible.

 International Association for Mission Studies
  IAMS is an international, inter-confessional and interdisciplinary
  professional society for the scholarly study of Christian witness
  and its impact in the world.  There are over  500 individual and
  corporate members around the world.

 South African Missiological Society
  The Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS) is a scholarly
  society for the study of Christian mission. It publishes the peer-
  reviewed journal Missionalia three times a year, and holds an
  annual congress, usually in January each year, where papers on
  various missiological topics are read.

 German Society for Mission Studies (English and German) 
  The German Society for Mission Studies("Deutsche Gesellschaft
  f�r Missionswissenschaft", DGMW) is a non-profit-making
  institution promoting scientific research on the history and theory
  of Christian mission.

 Evangelical Missiological Society
  A professional society with more than 350 members comprised of
  missiologists, mission administrators, teachers, pastors with
  strategic missiological interests, and students of missiology. The
  Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) exists to advance the
  cause of world evangelization.

 Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
  The Council of Societies for the Study of Religion is a federation
  of learned societies in religion interested in developing greater
  coordination of the field as a whole.
 Church World Service (NCCCUSA)
  Founded in 1946, Church World Service is the relief, development,
  and refugee assistance ministry of 35 Protestant, Orthodox, and
  Anglican denominations in the United States. Working in
  partnership with indigenous organizations in more than 80
  countries, CWS works worldwide to meet human needs and foster
  self-reliance for all whose way is hard.

 Global Mapping International
  Global Mapping International is a non-profit corporation dedicated
  to furthering the cause of world evangelization. Specifically, we
  seek to enable more appropriate and effective cross-cultural

 Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

  The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization seeks to serve
  leaders worldwide by providing a place for theological discussion
  and development of practical strategies to address the seminal
  issues facing the church and world today with respect to global

 World Council of Churches
  The World Council of Churches (WCC) is the broadest and most
  inclusive among the many organized expressions of the modern
  ecumenical movement, a movement whose goal is Christian

Missiology Research Links  Top
     Mission Research Resources (GMI)

     MisLinks Research Page (Wheaton)
     Mission and World Christianity Research
     Ecumenical Centre and Bossey Ecumenical Institute (WCC)
     Churches in Mission and Evangelism (WCC)
     Christian Network Links for Africa

Blogs Top
   "PrimeTimeJesus" features leading Christian professors,
   writers and thinkers who have come together to engage the
   media and culture about the person
   and work of Jesus Christ.

  The Spurgeon Underground
   "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable
   for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in
   righteousness, that the man of God may be complete,
   thoroughly equipped for every good work."
   -2 Timothy 3:16-17

  The real truth about The Da Vinci Code
   "A Fresh alternative to what you read in the Mainstream Media
   "about The Da Vinci Code"
  Navigating theology, praxis, & leadership in the emerging church
 Christian Blog
   Various Christian Blog categories
  Biblical research perceptions in integrity, simplicity,
   and accuracy as it applies to daily living it applies to daily living

    A satirical advice column for "aspiring Pharisees"
  Christian Journals
   List of theological journals

  Blogs4God Categories  Top
  Apologia, Arts and Literature, Church Polity, Journals,
  Metablogs, Ministries, Pundits, techBlogs, Zines

Register with Bloglines and stay current with these
  Timothy Ministries Site Feed
  Timothy Ministries News and Resources
  Timothy Ministries Theological Dictionary

Christian Podcasting

Church Cannon History  Top
The Biblical Canon Of The Ethiopian Orthodox Church
  by R. W.Cowley
The Canon of the New Testament
  by F. F. Bruce.
Development of the New Testament Canon
  by Glenn Davis.
The Ecumenical Councils
  from a Roman Catholic Perspective.
The Hebrew and Christian Bibles A Comparative Chart
  by Prof. Felix
The Origins of the Hebrew Bible and Its Components
  by Mark Hamilton.

Bible Links  Top
Bible History Online 
  Ancient Documents, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece,
  Ancient Israel, Ancient Near East, Ancient Other,
  Ancient Rome, Archaeology, Bible History, Bible Searches, 
  Children's Resources, Church History, Evolution & Science,  
  Illustrated History, Images & Art, Intertestamental,
  Jesus, Languages, Maps &  Geography,  Museums,
  Mythology & Beliefs, People in History, Prof. Societies, 
  Rabbinical Works, Resource Sites, Study Tools,
  Timelines & Charts, Weapons  & Warfare, World History is all about the Bible and Bible study.
 Bible Gateway
  Bible Translations and Editions.
  Korean Study Bible
  The Bible in Russian
  The Bible in Spanish
  Goshen Online Study Bible
  The Jefferson Bible
  Navigating the Bible 
  Christians Unite Bible Study Aids
  Crosswalk Bible Study Tools
  Institute for Christian Leadership
  Net Bible Verse Lookup
  Cambridge Bibles
   from Cambridge University Press
  Bible Family Tree

   Bible Study Resource for comparing Biblical and secular history.
Hebrew Lessons
  Guided Bible Study for Hungry Christians
 Blue Letter Bible
Chart The Books of the Bible
   Miracles Recorded in the Old Testament
   Miracles Recorded in the Gospels
   Miracles Recorded in the Book of Acts
   Parables Recorded in the Old Testament
   Parables Recorded in the Gospels
   Timeline Adam to Augustine
   Timeline The Apostle Paul
   Timeline Acts and the Epistles
   The Names of God
   Portraits of the Apostles
   More Charts, Timelines, and Other Resources

Bible History Online


Maps, Images and Archeology  Top
Geography of the Bible
 Maps from Old Testament Times
 Maps from the Time of Christ
 Journeys and Voyages in the Bible
 Map Gallery of Religion in the United States

 Ancient Images
 Archeological Discoveries

Interviews with Christian Leaders  Top
George W. Bush
Joel Osteen
T.D. Jakes
Joyce Meyer
Chuck Swindoll
Jerry Falwell
Charles Stanley
Max Lucado

Church History  Top
Historic Church Documents

Bible Translation History Top
 The American Bible Society
 The Book of Hours
 Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536)
 The Diatesseron of Tatian
 The Geneva Bible Forgotten Translation
 History of the Bible
 International Bible Society
 The Lord's Prayer in 391 Languages
 Rare Bibles at the Eden-Webster Library
 Versions of the New Testament
 John Wyclif, Translater and Controversialist
 Wycliffe Bible Translators

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