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Easter 2006 Greetings

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April, 2006(BELOIT, WI)
16th century Russian Orthodox icon of the Resurrection of
Jesus Christ
JESUS is risin and He lives!

To all our friends and family,

An early Spring greeting in the name of our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It's a joy to be able to update all of you on the variety of things that we're involved in at Timothy Ministries. We need your prayers as we head into a very busy, and hopefully productive, mission season. But, before we give you our update, please accept our first, new prayer card since 1993. Thank you to a very special couple who are dear friends and co-workers with us. Now, we can take our new place on your mission boards, mirrors, and refrigerators. We walked into the home of one of our supporters a few years ago and their 6 year old boy screeched, "Look, Mommy, it's the refrigerator people!"

Now, a quick update on our projects, people, and prayer requests...as we look ahead in 2006:

1. We will be making more trips around the United States speaking in churches about the current situations in world mission. We've been in seven Western states, up and down Wisconsin, and will be in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio in the autumn.

2. Buck & Mary Van Zandt and Rudy & Martha Zuniga are leading a team of missionary builders to Naco, Mexico in July. They wili be partnering with Indian Trails Mission to construct a 5000 sq. ft. Tabernacle arid Meeting Hall at the Naco Training Center. This ministry will provide a place to train pastors and evangelists working among Native Americans along the border. Please pray for their safety, successful building, and spiritual testimony.

3. Please uphold the ministries of Philip & Helen (Scotland/Romania); Anneta, Michael, Rob, Pauline, & Jacqui (Russian TEE); Oti & Dana, Vasi & Emma (Romania/Moldova), David & Maryline (Belgium); Gareth, Gill, Dick, & Moira (Uganda); and Joseph, Mabel, Brenda, Edmunds, & Japheth (lung tumor, not a good prognosis) in South Africa.

4. We will be back at Kum Bible College this summer, teaching, hosting our third graduation, and opening the newly completed church/school complex in Six Trees Village, which will also serve as our first extension centre for KBC. Sue will be back in the local school doing a hands-on training session for teachers and conducting children's Bible clubs.

5. Please pray as we negotiate possible teaching missions with people in Ireland, Zimbabwe, and East Africa. As you pray, please pray that we will have discernment and wisdom in answering requests from these various fields. We want to go ONLY where God wants us... when He provides the open door. We take our direction from the Apostle Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 16: 6-9. Would you read those verses before you pray for us?

Thank you for loving us, and all our workers, for praying earnestly about the mission, and for supporting the work so faithfully. If you receive this newsletter, but have never really become our partner, we invite you to do that right now. Write us; let us know! Happy Easter to all of you!